About MTPA

Mission Statement

The MTPA is a local, member-driven, professional association whose mission is to promote pharmacists as primary health care providers to the community, government and other stakeholders through education, representation, and the formation of strategic alliances.

Since its incorporation in 1969, MTPA has devoted itself to the promotion of the professional image of the pharmacist, and to enhancing the health and well-being of the public. MTPA was recognized for doing just that as the recipient of OPA’s “District Shield Award” several years running. The District Shield is awarded to a local Pharmacy Association for “outstanding service to the community and the profession” through charitable, educational, inter-professional and professional activities.

The objects of the Association

To enhance the professional, academic, scientific, and commercial aspects of pharmacy in the Greater Toronto Area, and to provide the leadership necessary to continually improve the quality of life, the economic well-being and the professional image of the pharmacist

To encourage and promote improvement in public health to enhance the quality of life for the people of the Greater Toronto Area

To establish and maintain a constructive dialogue with other groups and agencies for the discussion and resolution of any matter concerning professional and economic activities of the members.